Compagny Dos a Deux

Aux Pieds de la Lettre

Aux pieds de la Lettre

created in 2001/02

In the beginning,

It is like an investigation:
Inspectors of shadows, dreams,
Of objects and of shards of life.
How can we tell, how talk,
Of that which does not speak?
They are two, at the edge of the abyss,
So many bodies suspended, appearing suddenly
On to an almost bare space.

Centre stage,
A table,
Mocking and enchanting …

Cut off from the outside world,
The body of one serves the madness of the other,
A foot, three feet, five hands, a head …
Unending physical machinery,
Bodies become slaves
To their imagination.
One, in his mystical delirium, keeps on writing
A message to the world,
The other, victim of his obsessions,
Struggles with imagined dust
That dirties his feet and
Feels himself responsible for the sun’s rise and fall.
The little solitary madnesses, the frenzies,
The rituals of survival, manias, wanderings …
Echo with the poetry of gesture.
Balanced between tragedy and comedy,
They cling to everyday gestures
In constantly renewed musicality and
Perpetual theatrical invention.
Aux Pieds de la Lettre is
An volte-face of gestural creation,
Verging on tenderness and
Unexpected laughter.

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