Compagny Dos a Deux

Dos à Deux (original performance)

Dos à Deux

Creation in june 1998 at the Sax à Achères (Yvelines)

Finding inspiration from "Waiting for Godot" of Beckett, and imaging a rhythmic and moving travel wordless...

The adaptation is an innovation because of its absence of speech which makes it a wholly physical play. Words themselves become bodies, though this is not a dance show.

dessin Michel Costiou

This is theatre where gesture and body in motion are a substitute for speech.

The duets tells the simple, essentially funny and poetic tale of two men who are waiting for someone whom we know will never come.

They try to spend the time, struggling, wriggling, bickering "visually" if one put it that way, quick-quip clever body-clowning.

Just waiting for, nothing else to do ; in this place "large enough to allow a desperate search, small enough for an ultimate issue".

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