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Three poems, as poetical shouts.
Three short stories about human existence, in its emotional vulnerability, dreadful loneliness and tormented quest for love.
“Louise”, “The man “, “Love in times of war”.
The sequence of poems is a continuum attained by the use of a constant song line whilst the use of light allows disturbing the discernment of the vol- umes and the perspectives simultaneously mask- ing the magical transformations of the spaces be- tween scenes.

« Louise »
This poem was written as a urge of expression against homophobia and transphobia. Brazil being the leading country in the world ranking of homo- phobic murders. Louise is a man... Louise attempts to builds this body, another body. She looks after her mother, an ill old lady, that fails to accept her daughter.
« the man »
A metaphorical and metaphysical poem in be- tween the dream, the oneiric the absurd of hu- man existence where we discover a man whose head tries desperately to nd the rest of his body on the other side of the wall.

« Love in times of war »
In a stylized oriental atmosphere, this poem re- veals the trajectory and struggle of a woman for her existence and the survival of her child in the midst of war.

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