Compagny Dos a Deux

Compagny Dos a Deux

  • Synopsis

    Create summer 2018

    Three poems, as poetical shouts. Three short stories about human existence, in its emotional vulnerability, dreadful loneliness and tormented quest for love. “Louise”, “The man “, “Love in times of war”. The sequence of poems is a continuum attained by the use of a constant song line whilst the use of light allows disturbing the discernment of the vol- umes and the perspectives (...) → continue

  • Aux pieds de la Lettre

    Create winter 2002

    In the beginning, It is like an investigation: Inspectors of shadows, dreams, Of objects and of shards of life. How can we tell, how talk, Of that which does not speak? They are two, at the edge of the abyss, So many bodies suspended, appearing suddenly On to an almost bare space. Centre stage, A table, Mocking and enchanting … Cut off from the outside world, (...) → continue

  • Dos à Deux

    Create summer 1998

    Finding inspiration from "Waiting for Godot" of Beckett, and imaging a rhythmic and moving travel wordless... The adaptation is an innovation because of its absence of speech which makes it a wholly physical play. Words themselves become bodies, though this is not a dance show. This is theatre where gesture and body in motion are a substitute for speech. The duets tells the simple, (...) → continue

  • Blood Brothers

    Create summer 2013

    After years of separation, two brothers find themselves on the day of the funeral of Father. The meeting between the brothers are stretched to the limit of the implosion, their relationships are woven from feelings of love and hate. Between these two, the secrets are perceptible and they know very well the drama forced to silent. Because there was another, the third brother, who was (...) → continue

  • Absence

    Create summer 2013

    April 4, 2036. New York City. « Immersed in an atmosphere of "end of the world", a man lives alone, locked in a room on the top floor of a tower in New York. Through his window, a city drew on the brink of collapse and where people do not go out only in case of emergency and oxygen masks accoutred. Rats invade the streets and buildings. Energy has become scarce, but the most (...) → continue

  • Dos à deux, 2nd act

  • Fragments of desire

    Create autumn 2009

    Glances, rustles, shadows and half-light... all is just show on the surface and the desire come trough. A deep-breathing, a dead stop, a suspension as a waking dream. Face to face, a dad and his son play again the same chess set. This is the son’ s story, his inconsolable injuries, all what is left unsaid and, someday, an impossible meeting which give him away love... This new (...) → continue

  • Saudade-terres d’eau

    Create spring 2005

    It is the story of a family torn from its home, obliged to flee to survive an ecological disaster. This performance is an epic in which the theme of exil is treated with poetry but no complaisance. This trio is in perfect harmony and leaves the soul in weightless. A most beautiful masterpiece of dramatic gestual writing. Writing, direction and choregraphy : Artur RIBEIRO and André (...) → continue

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