Compagny Dos a Deux



April 4, 2036. New York City.

« Immersed in an atmosphere of "end of the world", a man lives alone,
locked in a room on the top floor of a tower in New York.
Through his window, a city drew on the brink of collapse
and where people do not go out only in case of emergency and oxygen masks accoutred.
Rats invade the streets and buildings.
Energy has become scarce, but the most cruel is the lack of water.
Everything turns into chaos and madness.
Date of April 4, 2036 may be the Apocalypse of a world ...
Contact with the outside is impossible
and the only company of this man is a goldfish.
It gradually became a prisoner of his imagination.

Overwhelmed by the immense loneliness,
he tries to invent an Other and raises this area of ​​life a surreal and nostalgic.

He opens his soul and leads us to a metaphysical poetry.

Absence is a story and a parable about the lack and loneliness. »

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