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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

After years of separation, two brothers find themselves on the day of the funeral of Father.

The meeting between the brothers are stretched to the limit of the implosion, their relationships are woven from feelings of love and hate.
Between these two, the secrets are perceptible and they know very well the drama forced to silent.
Because there was another, the third brother, who was more ...
The mother is staying there, waiting for someone or sothing, she is facing the meeting without words.
The key to this tale is gasping and unspoken truths say each revealed one by one.

Complex indissoluble invisible ... fraternal bonds build and shape our societies forever.

Blood Brothers continues to assert a theater on the edge of the narrative where characters’ bodies are tense and visual sensations which exude a delicately veiled mystery where deaf tenderness and dramatic tensions.
A suspended moment of humanity!

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