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Saudade-terres d’eau

The story

Saudade is what is left when all else dies, with the constate that something survives. The etymology of the word mixes soledade and saudação, solitude and the salutations of those who leave or meet each other. It teaches us to wait for an elsewhere.

« Nothing is more intimate than water,
nothing more universal than its origin,
nothing more engulfing than its material. »

Embark, divert, provoke - Saudade-lands of water upheaves our perceptions and brings us into the forced exil of a family.

The two directors, Artur Ribeiro and André Curti, have a great talent and sensibility, able to plunge us completely into a singular universe, made up of human nature and crossed destinies.

In this work, they recount the story of a mother and son, isolated inhabitants in the middle of a azur blue sea. These characters live a simple, almost archaic existence. One day, the mother, worried about continuing this life, goes and fetches a wife for her son, who comes from another land, far away. The three of them eventually get used to one another and compose their space, but not without clashes and confrontation. Little by little they will surely finish by loving each other. Nothing must upset this balance drawn from ancient times.

But, one day, or perhaps little by little, they don’t remember anymore, the water that surrounds them disappears and dries up.
The water becomes earth.
Then chaos arrives, breaking the original rhythm of life. They no longer have enough to eat. They must leave, exile themselves to somewhere else where they can find life resources.
The voyage tears them away from their home, far from their daily lifes. The trip is long, it has its codes, its traps, and they are to be confronted with things they could never have imagined. They will wait and hope, but also lose hope.
They will now be waiting for what they will be missing, and often can’t help but let themselves be overcome by saudade.

saudade for the sounds of the sea, the smell of rain, saudade for those whom we love, saudade for the stuff of our dreams left behind !

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