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Saudade-terres d’eau

Directors’ note

« A new beginning

marking an important stage in our work. After more than eight years of close complicity as a duo, we adopt the form of trio.
A new spectacle for three movers and one marionnette.

We wish to explore the condition of immigrants, people who are obliged to leave their homes, to find a land of exil.
When one is a « passenger in the world », one is already no longer what one was, in awaiting what one will become…with moments of transition, frontiers, barriers, discoveries…

Today, one human being out of 35 is an international immigrant. The number of people living in a country other than their own is estimated at 175 million worldwide, three percent of the world population, or the equivalent of the population of a country like Brazil.

From birth to death, the human existence consists of a succession of separations and new beginnings.

We wish to discuss all these « rites of passage », that one must pass through each time we leave the security of a familiar world behind us and confront the unknown.

We also wish to speak of the concept of Saudade : this sentiment so complex and subtle, that digs deeper than nostalgia.
When one is an immigrant, saudade lives in our heart constantly, without end.
Having saudade for a sound, an image, an odor, a phrase, a gesture, someone’s smile…

For us, speaking about immigration is all of these « saudades » confounded. It’s the eternal contradiction of the immigrant : the joys that we encounter in our new worlds but also the deceptions which make us idealize what we have left behind.

André Curti and Artur Ribeiro

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