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Aux Pieds de la Lettre

A la folie

How should one deal with the subject of madness ? How can we evoke the reality of imprisonment ?
How can the artists immerse themselves in a psychiatric universe ?
How can you detach yourself, the better to convey the poetry of these lonely little madnesses, the manias, the wanderings ?
How is one to illuminate the travesty ?

From the outset, the concept refuses to be bound by the pathology of madness, it’s not a question of their clinical study but of exposing them to the light of the
imagination and dream-states.

For to speak of suffering, humour and tenderness is the only way forward…

Whilst preparing for the opening in Paris of their first production, Dos a deux, Artur RIBEIRO and Andre CURTI contacted Madeleine ABASSADE, manager of
artistic and cultural affairs at the Marcel Riviere Psychiatric Institute. Several months later, ABASSADE presented the show at the Institute. The artists made clear their desire to work on the related themes of madness and imprisonment.

Without hesitation, Madeleine ABASSADE proposed that the troupe continue their artistic exploration at the Psychiatric Institute in September 1999, meeting both
patients and staff.

Following a prolonged and intensive collaboration, the experience has been written into the governmental training programme, “Hospital Culture” : artistic teamwork between the company and the Marcel Riviere Institute.

The success of this collaboration was marked by :

  • the creation of a show featuring eight patients and three carers, presented at the end of December 2000.
  • the production of a film by Jean-Luc Daniel over a three month period.
  • and finally, the residence of the two artists at the Theatre of the Marcel Riviere Institute during the creation of Aux pieds de la Lettre.

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