Compagny Dos a Deux

The Compagny

André Curti

Creator & interpreter.

From 1980 to 1986 in São Paulo, Brazil, he took acting and dancing lessons at the Jogo Estúdio School and the Vento Forte School. From 1986 to 1990, he taught at the Jogo Estúdio Theatre School.
In theatre, he appeared in a number of productions (whilst touring in Brazil) under the direction of Eugenia Teresa. In cinema, he worked with Hilda Machado and Renato Tapajos, then in France with Olivier Fourout and Joël Dagarre.
Curti has arrived in France in 1990 and worked was a actor in the Graal Theatre company, directed by Odile Michel & Patrick Olivier in “L’école des Bouffons” and “Le cycle du crabe”, (Avignon Festival ’91 & ’93). From to 92 to 96, his has worked as actor-dancer in the company “A eur de peau”, directed by Denise Namura & Michel Bug- dhan. Hi has participated in all their productions: “Scarlet tout court”, “4 Quart”, “Pendant que j’y pense” - followed by tours in Europe and Brazil. He was a performer in Cirka Teater street theatre company in Norway, directed by Anne-Marit Saether, in the show “Poste restante”, tour of Norway. In 1998, he created the company Dos à Deux with Ar- tur Luanda Ribeiro. Together they directed and acted in the shows: Dos à Deux, Aux Pieds de la lettre, Saudade em terras d’água, Fragments of Desire, Absence, Dos à Deux 2° act, Blood Brothers and Gritos. He’s also a teacher of physical theatre.
The artist’s play’s have been awarded in several occasions:
In 2005, receiving the directing award at the International Kosovo the- ater festival in Pristina, for the play “Aux pieds de la lettre”, as well as the Adami Award (Public’s choice) from the Avignon’s Festival for the play “Saudade - terres d’eau”.
In 2006, received the directing award for the play “Aux pieds de la lettre” at the Mindelact Festival in Cape Verde.
In 2010, received the Shell Award in Brazil in the special category for the show “Fragments du Désire”, for the singularity of gestural research.
In 2014, received the Shell Award in Brazil as best comedian and also as scenographer for the show Frères de Sang (Blood Brothers).
In 2016, received the CESGRANRIO Award for scenography and also lighting. In addition awarded by Shell for best scenography, the APTR prize (Association of Producers and Critics of the City of Rio de Janei- ro) for best lighting, best theater direction and best play for ‘’Shouts’’.

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