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From 1990 to 1994, in Rio de Janeiro, he took the acting course at the university Uni-Rio and attended the Angel Vianna School of contem- porary dance and the Flavio Salles School of tap dancing. He did a number of workshops with Silvia PASELLO, Maria PIA, Judith MALINA, Moacir GOES, Sergio MELACO and Ariane MNOUCHKINE. He act- ed under the direction of Marcio VIANNA, Susana KRUEGER, Daniel HERTZ, Fernando GUERREIRO, Herval ROSSANO, Tizuka YAMASAKI and Jean-Luc CORCOULT.
Ribeiro has arrived in France, in Paris, 1994. Him trained at the school of theatre and body mime, at the university « Sorbonne Nouvelle - Par- is III” and as a clown, mask work and dance-improvisation. In France, he participated in workshops with Stewen Wasson, Corinne SOUM, Denise NAMURA & Ivan BACHIOCHI. Also acted with “Les Odes Bleues” (E. BOUVRON & M. CHANQUIA), the théatre YUNQUE (Serge PONCELET) and Catherine DUBOIS, Annie SCHILDER and Josef NADJ. In 1998, he creates alongside with André Curti the company Dos à Deux. Together they directed and acted in the shows: Dos à Deux, Aux Pieds de la lettre, Saudade em terras d’água, Fragments of Desire, Absence, Dos à Deux 2° act, Blood Brothers and Gritos. He’s also a physical theatre teacher.
The artist’s play’s have been awarded in several occasions:
In 2005, receiving the directing award at the International Kosovo the- ater festival in Pristina, for the play “Aux pieds de la lettre”, as well as the Adami Award (Public’s choice) from the Avignon’s Festival for the play “Saudade - terres d’eau”.
In 2006, received the directing award for the play “Aux pieds de la lettre” at the Mindelact Festival in Cape Verde.
In 2010, received the Shell Award in Brazil in the special category for the show “Fragments du Désire”, for the singularity of gestural research.
In 2014, received the Shell Award in Brazil as best comedian and also as scenographer for the show Frères de Sang (Blood Brothers).
In 2016, received the CESGRANRIO Award for scenography and also lighting. In addition awarded by Shell for best scenography, the APTR prize (Association of Producers and Critics of the City of Rio de Janei- ro) for best lighting, best theater direction and best play for ‘’Shouts’’.

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